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I am Sophia Arespacochaga, a Social Media Marketer and Graphic Designer. I have experience in content marketing, curating social media graphics, and brand design from working for companies such as Generation Hope Inc. and Kippap Education. I like to specialize in creating stylish and functional designs as well.


  • ​Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

  • Canva

  • Procreate


About Me
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Social Media


Kippap is a company that provides tutoring and review services for Civil Engineer board takers in the Philippines. They have a following of around 40K on Facebook and 30K subscribers on Youtube.

As their publicity intern, I was tasked to handle their newest branch of business, Kippap High School, which aims to help students in the Philippines with their College Entrance Exams.

By the end of my term, their Facebook page was able to garner 2.7K likes, 50K page visits, and reach 400K accounts in a span of 4 months

My main responsibility was to create an effective content strategy that would help generate awareness for Kippap High School. I also curated the branding and all graphics for all their collaterals, including social media posts and Powerpoint Presentations.


As a strategy for social media growth, I primarily cross-posted the content of Kippap HS on different groups that the Target Market was in (Junior High School Students) and made sure to post relevant content that they could find useful. Due to this, Several posts were able to reach more than 50K accounts and 500+ engagements.

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HOPE is an impact company that puts education at the forefront of their movement and builds classrooms all over the country through the sale of their Hope in Bottle water. HOPE also created its partner company, the Plastic Credit Exchange, with the goal of sustainably neutralizing their plastic footprint.

In the conceptualization and creation of social media content for HOPE, I always made sure to translate the advocacies of the company through meaningful content while still staying true to the brand's identity.

SARES is a small scrunchie business I started in order to gain valuable experience and knowledge in running a business. As owner, I handled everything from the sourcing of materials, production of scrunchies, logistics, and the marketing and advertising of my products.

Instagram is a platform that was heavily utilized in the marketing of my products, especially in terms of presenting the "aesthetic" aspect of SARES. When taking product photos, I ensured that their presentation is able to encapsulate the brand persona I created - chic and charming.

Tiktok was an integral part of SARES' growth, especially in terms of creating brand awareness and generating sales. In my experience creating content on Tiktok for my small business, consumers loved watching videos that showed the process of creating the scrunchies and packing their orders. This experience made me realize that Tiktok is a great platform to interact and build relationships with customers. 

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Graphic Design


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A project for our Print Advertising and Management class, we were tasked to create a 3-page magazine that would best highlight our personality, hobbies, interests, and the like.

For this project, I was tasked to create an article cover for a blog that would be posted on their website and social media pages. The article is about the harmful impact of corporations towards climate change. 


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